Sports & Major Events

Australia and New Zealand boast some of the most spectacular major sporting events in the world
including the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Carnival, Formula 1 Grand
Prix, Australian Open Tennis, President’s Cup Golf, Australian Football League Grand Final, National
Rugby League Grand Final, World Surfing Championships, Moto Grand Prix, Hawke’s Bay Marathon,
Winter Games Queenstown/Wanaka and America’s Cup Yacht Race to name a few.

These periods are some of the busiest for us and always bring a great buzz to each respective location.
DM Concierge is always on hand for you and your group to assist with transportation to/from the event,
arrange difficult restaurant reservations following your day out or simply run errands for you behind the
scenes whilst you enjoy the day’s action.

Due to the popularity of these aforementioned events, prices can soar and availability is often limited
during these periods. Thankfully because of our industry connections, we are able to secure last minute
arrangements and are experienced with operating in high pressure situations. And in typical DM
Concierge fashion, we will always itemise costs and be fully transparent with our clients.